Thursday, July 17, 2008

How in the hell did this happen???

I was off work today A) going to the eye doctor and B) taking the lovely Lauren to HER eye doctor when I got an email from a buddy who also blogs asking me if I'd heard the rumor that Herenton was indicted on 14 counts.  Obviously, the answer was no.

Then, I got a call from another friend who is old Democratic hand asking me the same thing, then I got ANOTHER call about it and another email.  Of course, in the end, it all turned out to be bullshit, since no major media outlet confirmed it and the lead story on the 10 pm TV news was that same Mayor hosting a meet-and-greet with the new MCS superintendent, Dr. Kriner Cash.

How the hell did this spread like wildfire?  Everyone's third cousin twice removed said they heard it on WDIA and that WREC picked it up.  Of course, that may have been the case, or it may not have been, I didn't listen.  I just want to know how this exploded all over town, with so little to back it up.   You know, if it's not on one of the TV Stations, the Flyer, the Daily News, or the CA, then it might not have happened, folks; get some CONFIRMATION before you start shit like this...

NOTE: it's 11:30 P.M. and I tried to go to WREC Radio's website, but it's down.  Hmmmm.

Rant over.


Exile On South Main Street said...

Yeah, we heard it to. My wife called me at 4:30 and told me to turn on the news because a friend had called and said that Willie was "being led out in handcuffs." Strange.

KatieDidnt said...

I was actually speaking with another blogger last night when someone texted me about the same nonsense. We both started checking the media, and found nothing. The lead story on channel 13 at 9 was the midtown arsons, so that's when I went back to life as usual.

I think the interesting thing about how quickly the rumor spread is that everyone who contacted me about it was down right excited. It seemed like people more than anything just really wanted it to be true. I guess the mentality of the public at this point is that the only way to get rid of Herenton is if he goes to jail. It's a very sad thing that voter turnout was so low last year, allowing Herenton to slide back onto his throne, but then a rumor like this starts and wishful thinking causes it to snowball so badly. Hey Memphis, you want him gone? DO SOMETHING!

eda said...