Saturday, July 12, 2008

You are not going to believe what you are about to read.

It's going to shock you, but I believe credit should go where credit is due.

Bravo for Fox News.

OK, get off the floor, here's why I say this. As many of you know, their former colleague and Bu$h 43 Press Secretary Tony Snow died this morning after a long battle with colon cancer at the young age of 53. My condolences go to his family and his former colleagues, of course. While I rarely agreed with his views, I respected him nonetheless.

Unlike the NBC-MSNBC-CNBC reaction to the passing of Tim Russert, Fox News is NOT going wall-to-wall with coverage; in fact, they are running their regular schedule as I write this. They are not trivializing his loss with oversensationalism, and they are not treating this as the loss of a Pope or a President, and I applaud them for it.

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