Thursday, February 09, 2006


My friend Joe Young, who as you know I supported for SCDP Chair last summer, has decided to run for the Democratic nomination for Shelby County Clerk, and I am supporting him for this office as well.

Republican Jayne Creson is retiring from the office, and since it appears that there is a potentially brutal GOP primary between Debbie Stamson (WIFE of JC Court Clerk Steve Stamson) and outgoing County Commissioner Marilyn Loeffel (she of FLARE fame), this is a PRIME opportunity for the Democrats to pick up a County office.

Joe is just the person to do this, in my opinion. He is a terrific administrator, is goal-oriented, and would be outstanding in this job.

As soon as I know more about logistics (HQ, how to help, any fundraising, etc) I will let you know!


David Holt said...

Go Joe!!!

DynoDonkey said...

Good luck Joe!

Formerly Considered Moderate said...

Would love to see Joe win this race....let's make it an unopposed primary.