Friday, February 24, 2006

That's what I'm talkin' about!!!!

Rosalind Kurita has come to town to kick ass and take names! In town for a fundraiser tonight (which I will be attending), she held a press conference on the steps of the US Bankruptcy Court to remind everyone who voted for the bankruptcy bill that will decimate his own constituency. Here's a hint; he's running for the Senate, too.

In addition, the Clarksville Democrat challenged the 9th District Congressman to a debate on the issues. I particularly liked this comment in the Flyer article:

Referring to the widely ballyhooed joint appearance in Memphis this week of Ford and Illinois U.S. Senator Barack Obama, Kurita, a state senator from Clarksville, took note of the fact that Obama had used the line, “I believe we are our brother’s keeper,” in defining the mission of the Democratic Party. Kurita herself had featured the line on the stump in explaining her candidacy, usually adding, as she did in Memphis on Friday, We’re a nation of souls, not a multinational corporation focused on the bottom line.”

Kurita said that, in contrast to her own emphasis on traditional Democratic principles, Ford seemed intent on sounding as Republican as possible.

Enough said.


Brad Watkins said...

Damn...I wish I could have made it.
I do not agree totally with all her views on things, but I do respect and admire the toughness she has shown, in the face of poor treatment from the party, and especially the DSCC. She is committed to this race and is not going to back down to "backroom politics". Kurita is a fighter...and I always like fighters.The people of this state need a fighter.

Brassmask said...

I've really had a change of heart today. I signed up to volunteer for her campaign. If she can't raise millions at least with volunteers, she can make some kind of headway.

Even though she's not Barbara Boxer, I guess I am now a Kurita supporter.

TN420 said... asked Kurita the same questions we asked Ford Jr.

Ford's people ignored us, Kurita's people answered. We didn't like all of the responses, but the Kurita camp at least had the respect for the Registered Dem Voter and gave solid answers (as solid as can be expected from a politician).

Ford has NO respect for us. He's just like Lieberman in the way that he continually ignores the will of the constituency and persues his own ends.

We salute those of you who have jumped on the Kurita train. Keep up the good work.


JBH said...

Wait a minute. Junior has the best chance for taking this senate seat. He will raise the money, get the press and carry the state. Junior is not running for the democratic nomination. Rather, he is running for the senate seat, which means he has to run toward the center. But never doubt that Junior is a democrat. Junior will be a much better senator than Frist or the Frist-wannabees. No doubt Kurita is a fine legislator, person and democrat, but we can't let another republican carry that seat again. We can carry a state wide race, just as Bredesen has. Run Jr Run!!