Friday, February 24, 2006

Yet ANOTHER Ford in our future?

I received an email that contained a press release from Joe Ford JUNIOR, son of the County Commissioner and erstwhile City Mayoral candidate, announcing to one and all that he was moving back to his hometown from Los Angeles and filing for his cousin's old US House seat.

Essentially, he hasn't lived here since he graduated from Kirby High in 1991. After a two year stint at the U (University of Miami, FL for those who don't watch SportsCenter), he transferred to UCSB, where he got a degree in Computer Science. He then changed courses, got a MS in Sports Management from Georgia State, then got his JD from Pepperdine Law School.

He's been in LA until now, where he apparently deemed in necessary to return home to save the seat, I guess.

Look, I've always liked Joe Senior, he's a very nice, unassuming fellow who could presumably have been an damn good Mayor of Memphis. I also presume that he has kept his son abreast of all the political madness in this town.

What makes this guy think he can waltz into town on short notice and claim the seat? Where has he been for the last 15 years? Not here.

End of rant.


Brad Watkins said...

"Sigh"....Junior 2.0 eh?....good grief..Well, I of course agree that carpetbagging is wrong. Not to say that J2.0 is a bad guy or horrible person. J2.0 may in fact be a sincere progressive voice for positive change I dunno..never met him...but seriously, people should live in the place they wish to represent. That is why they are called Represenatives. Unfortunatly the laws are very vague on this issue. I was giving John Farmer, a Republican trying to run against Tanner in district 8 a hardtime for the same reason on his blog. Farmer lives in district nine, and was also concidering a race for Shelby County Commission District 2. pos.2.
Farmer explained that the law states...his words not mine...
"No Person shall be a Representative who shall not have attained to the Age of twenty five Years, and been seven Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall , when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State in which he shall be chosen.” U.S. Constitution Article I, Section 2, Clause 2.".
Farmer..if he wins plans to move to He also offered “Yes, right now I live about 2 miles south of the District 8 boundary. However, I was born and raised in Gibson and Weakley."
On the surface it appears he is correct all you have to do is live in the State, which he will by the deadline, and be over twenty five years old.
The districts are simply drawn by the State Assembly.
So, I guess J2.0 is perfectly within his legal rights to do so, but there is a CLEAR violation of the spirit of the law here.This is tiresome and lame as if the people cannot get along without a Ford at the helm...have things gotten so bad that we have to outsource for elected officials?
Thus in the spirit of Carpetbaggers on both sides of the spectrum. I would like to announce my intention to seek The Democratic party's nomination for the the office of U.S. Represenative in second congressional district!
Look out Jimmy Duncan Jr.!

Brassmask said...

Surely Memphians are so stupid as to just pull the lever (or touch the screen) for a Ford simply because he's a Ford, are they???

This has to change if it is true.

Brassmask said...

...AREN'T so stupid as to...

mike said...

"What makes this guy think he can waltz into town on short notice and claim the seat?"

LOL, he's a FORD! That's why. I mean, Ophelia can get a seat and she's been little more than a glorified campaign worker. J2 doesn't have to know the people or the district to represent them. Just have his staff take care of that.

Jeez Steve, for a longtime Memphis Democratic activist you sure are clueless. ;-)