Tuesday, February 14, 2006

This is not the best idea, I believe..

I have always liked Shep Wilbun. He carries himself with dignity and grace and there is good reason why I supported his mayoral campaign in 1999, unsuccessful though it was.

He is running for his old job of Juvenile Court Clerk, which puts him in the primary against School Board commissioner Wanda Halbert. He was cleared of criminal wrongdoing that occurred under his watch, which the Commercial Appeal blew out of proportion. I am certain he believes that he was wronged, and is now asking for a second chance, which everyone deserves.

On the other hand....

While he may very well win the Democratic primary, it is difficult for me to see how he could defeat Steve Stamson in the August general election. While it is true that he did not commit any criminal acts, things occurred under his watch that had to be either a lapse of judgement or a lack of oversight, and you can bet that Stamson would throw them into Wilbun's face. It's not difficult to envision a TV commercial from Stamson that suggested that Stamson "cleaned up" the office of JC Clerk.

Wanda Halbert carries no such baggage, and could argue that Stamson has merely acted to perpetuate a sluggish JC system in tandem with the retiring Kenneth Turner. She should do that, if she hasn't planned to, anyway.

I believe Shep Wilbun could win a district County Commission or City Council race right now without much trouble; this would enable him to rejuvenate his political career in short order.

However, to run for his old office now would only ensure Steve Stamson's eventual re-election, and I don't think any of us want that, do we?

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