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Monday, February 06, 2006

Bolton Jumps in to the 9th District Race

Longtime Shelby County Commissioner Julian Bolton is now a candidate for the 9th Congressional District being vacated by whats-his-name.

One can only imaginer how this might affect the race, and who might opt not to run because of this announcement. Frankly, I hope EVERYBODY who is announced runs, because we ought to have a choice, and I believe that whether or not Steve Cohen gets in the race that they ought to stay.

Frankly, we could use new blood around here; let's see what happens with this new crop of candidates and see if they can withstand the rigors of campaigning.

Flame away.


PeskyFly said...

I'd hearrd rumblings that JB might run. I too hope the fresh blood sticks.

soandsodem said...

Maybe I don't understand the term "new blood". Mr. Bolton has served on the Shelby County Commission since 1982. He was involved in the lawsuit to overturn the term limit legislation so he could continue to serve on the commission. How(except maybe in Shelby County)does that qualify as "new blood"?

LeftWingCracker said...

Ahem. I was referring to Pratcher, Stanton, Harris, Whitman, etc. Certainly Bolton has blood that needs Geritol, I would think....

soandsodem said...

But I do hope that the newest group - Pratcher, Stanton, Harris, and Whitman (PSHaW), will energize the base. At a minimum, Federal Law should require them to form a law firm.