Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The DSCC throws Paul Hackett under the bus

Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid threw Paul Hackett and his Ohio Senate campaign under the bus, even calling his donors and asking them to stop giving. These same people, who refuse to recognize the Kurita for Senate campaign here in Tennessee, are killing our Party.

I'm not the only one that's mad, though; go read Autoegocrat at the Flypaper Theory:

It's bad enough that the government is in the hands of murderous sociopaths, but the situation almost becomes dreadfully poetic when you stop to consider that the biggest obstacle to a return to normalcy and decency in this country is the gang of runaway court eunuchs in charge of the opposition party. It's not even that they're afraid of losing, they're simply afraid to take any risks at all.

With the DLC doing absolutely everything possible to squash every single outbreak of democracy coming up from the liberal grassroots, it's hard for me to believe that they are actually this incompetent. If some jackass blogger in Memphis can figure this stuff out, it isn't exactly rocket science. Either the DLC works for the GOP, or they are the most spineless bunch of invertebrates this planet has seen since the Paleozoic Era.


Brassmask said...

I'm all for Hackett making a run on his own as a dependent. He'd have libs running out of the hills to help him.

The DLC and the Dems in general have got to learn that they don't control everything. The party can't decree who is the best for the people. The PEOPLE have to decree who is best for them

autoegocrat said...

You're damn right, and I'm down.

Brassmask said...

To be quite honest, my wife and I have been eager for someone to actually do something and say things on T V that the established/establishment Dems in DC are not willing to say or are afraid to say.

And that actually goes for the locals as well. We feel far removed from Paul Hackett and his situation in Ohio but I, for one, and my wife to a slightly lesser extent are hoping for someone to start throwing verbal bombs a la Dean.

Our plan is to participate in that DFA training so we can have some kind of knowledge to back up our passion and energy and we're going to be working for liberals and if they happen to be Democrats then that will be fine.