Saturday, February 25, 2006

It's getting CRAZY here!

With all of the political nuttiness of the last two days, the blogging around this town is on FIRE!

Nobody is hotter right now (well, other than Rachel, of course) than the mighty Autoegocrat, who responds to our post about the newest Ford in our future with a terrific column of his own.

Here's a snippet:

Upon reading this news, the first thought that sprang to my mind was this one: if I hurry, I still have enough time to legally change my name to Chevrolet and file for the damn seat myself. I'll do it, too, but only if I can convince Mike Hollihan to change his name to General Motors and run for the 9th District seat as a Republican. I'll have to gamble on the chance that no one named Toyota or Honda pops up and decides to run as an independent at the last minute.

Go and read it NOW!!!


polar donkey said...

This statement has just been released from the White House:
"The UAE is a valued friend in the war on terror. Being such, the administration believes that after carefull consideration and a through examination of the competive bids to represent the 9th congressional district submitted by Tinker of Alabama, Pratcher of New York, Ford of California, and WPO of Dubai, that the contract shall be awarded to WPO of Dubai. In a competive, global economy, outsourcing of political representation will provide the constituents a higher level of services at a much lower cost. WPO will have the ability to phonebank from Bangalore, India and subcontract campaign workers from the Phillipines, giving voters greater exposure to campaign messages and issues. Political signs will be manufactured in Malaysia under World Trade Organization labor guideslines. When the respresentation contract is finalized, WPO will staff its congressional office with guestworkers and undocumented illegal workers from 14 different countries, because WPO has shown it values diversity and efficiency. For those opposed to the outsourcing of political representation, let it be known that the President considers it discrimatory in nature and undermining the security and well being of the United States, particularly Memphians.

captainkona said...

LOL! Well said.

Reminds me of that idiot James Hart. Isn't he from Ohio or someplace ?

Of course this begs the question, if we could outsource the Oval Office could we do a lot better then what we have now?
I'm not a big fan of outsourcing, but
there's always an exception I guess.;-]_~