Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Howard Dean is not pleased

with the DSCC's undercutting of the Paul Hackett campaign, and he spoke out in Miami.

The AP story notes that "Dean told a student audience in Miami that "some skulduggery in Washington" improperly led to Hackett's decision to end his bid. And he said Democrats will have a tough time winning if similar things happen to others."

That's why I wanted him to be chair, to stop this garbage in DC. That's why I signed up for a Democracy Bond, so we can build the party from the ground up and tell the elected officials what to do, not vice versa.

Hat tip to Jeff over at Pesky's site!


Len said...

I'm glad that Dean "gets it", though as chair of the DNC isn't there something he can/should have done to stop it?

Anonymous said...

Why didn't Hackett run again against that nasty Schmidt?

Oh, and why not post your site feed link in your template? I just subscribed; it works:

Steve Steffens said...

OK, it's done!!!!