Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I feel like I'm waiting for the the Party to die after a long illness.

I'm not talking about at the local level, there are still more of us (D) than THEM (R) in Shelby County, but after what happened to Paul Hackett in Ohio, I wonder how even Howard Dean can turn the national Democratic Party around.

As you may have read in Autoegocrat's post, Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid called Paul Hackett's donors and asked them to cut him off. Yes, that's right, they saw to it that his money dried up. This is NOT the DSCC's job; their job is to stay the fuck out until AFTER the primary and THEN help who ever the VOTERS decide should be the Democratic nominee.

You can see that here, as the DSCC refuses to even recognize that Rosalind Kurita's Senate campaign exists; they have attached themselves to Junior like baby hogs to their mother's tit.

I, for one, am tired of it. It is mighty damned infuriating to be told who I can and can't support by some moron in Washington who is afraid to stand up to a would-be dictator like Bush.

I have made the following decision: I will NEVER vote for a Republican unless Lincoln or Winthrop Rockefeller comes back from the dead. But I'll be damned if I EVER vote for another Democrat who doesn't live up to what a Democrat is supposed to be: Pro-labor, Pro-working and middle-class, pro-FAIR trade.

If things don't turn around and quick, I might be going to the polls just to vote for Mike Kernell this November, and then go home. I hope that's not the case.


Brad Watkins said...

I just spent the past few hours on Aim with some other DFA members. I am sick and ashamed over this....and to be honest just plain pissed. Primaries are for the VOTERS to decide but for far too long now many politicians, politicos and party officers have been allowed to believe that they are the Democratic party, and they are wrong. The people who give of their time and energy to help move our principles ahead are. Thus I want everyone to keep this in mind as we enter our own election season. You better believe that we will see something like that here.
The question is will you stand for it?...I hope not. This Party belongs to you, and no candidate, politician, or Party officer has any right to demand loyalty, or compliance from you if they are not serving your needs.Elections should be a buyers market but alot of times for Progressives it is a sellers market, as we are forced into haggling with people who we give money to and who our votes keep in office and then be ridiculed for our trouble. I cannot think of any other situation where people are expected to take shit from people who work for them....and they do work for you. If something positive can come from this I hope that serves as a wake up call for progressives to DEMAND CHANGE. We need you, your vote, your money, your time and your support. Without it, We are just people with signs and fancy titles.
You do have the power to change things not just here but everywhere. Politicians respond to two things, money and pressure. Now we do not have alot of money, but we all have the means of applying POSITIVE pressure. I want everyone to use this as motivation. We cannot do anything for Paul, but we can ensure that things like this do not occur here. Watch real close..and hold all Democratic officers, and elected official accountable.
" That includes me as well."
If you are in the right do not listen to the tired.."Yes..you are right but we need unity now..we have to compromise.." The true threat to real unity comes not from the Progressives..who are constantly asked to donate, volunteer, and loyally vote the ticket. Bear in mind, that Progressives do this in the spite of the fact that some in our party are abandoning the values that we celebrate as Democrats. The threat to "Unity" comes from those who hinder the advance of progress and stack the deck in favor of their own narrow personal political aims. Many said the Gov. Dean could not win,that he was too liberal, they said we need unity and moderation so we got John Kerry...and we still lost.So what did throwing candidates under a bus get us?..in 1996?, in 2000?, in 2002?...in 2004? How many elections do the Ivory Tower Dems have to lose before they try it our way? My point is that compromise is good, unity is a worthy goal, and both should be pursued but there comes a point where compromise, and blind loyalty become the gateways to colaboration...or as Polar Donkey and I call it Diet Republicanism.
This Country is poorly served by one Republican party, it cannot survive two of them. Watch us all, trust but verify. This is the Party of FDR damnit...and it is past time we got with the program.
Now is not the time to boycott, but to fight. Consider Paul's case to be a cautionary tale.

Rock On.

PeskyFly said...

A-effing-men Cracker.

kibitzer said...

Question: since the forthcomiong Junior-Obaka meet-and-greet is clearly a DSCC affair, why not picket it? I don't mean with anti-Junior signs (though that, too, would be an option), but "DSCC, Let the People Decide" signs or whatever?

Brassmask said...

Brilliant idea, kibitzer.

I'm for that.

Brad Watkins said...

Hey guys...I got a more direct solution in mind. It will take more time, but that will make it so much sweeter and very effective
Please email me at Brad@Democracyformemphis.com

I think you will like it.

mike said...

Regardless of the party, when the politicians are calling the donors and telling them where the money goes, something is seriously bass-ackwards. Even as a conservative and a Libertarian who really wants the Democrats to implode, I still find Schumer's behavior appalling.