Thursday, June 22, 2006

I just can't leave this EC stuff alone...

Lest you think John Harvey is just only to take minorities off the voter rolls, I want to point out, again, that he has found LOTS of instances where people have left Shelby County for DeSoto, Tipton, Fayette and the other collar counties, but maintained their Big Shelby voter registration.

Jeff posted this on the post below:

Well, I know for a fact that my parents, who moved to Desoto County many years ago, are still registered to vote in Shelby County, because we live in the same precinct where they used to live, and every time I go to vote, I see their names right above mine.

I pointed it out to poll workers in 2000 and 2002. In 2004, I wrote to the election commission and was told that they CAN'T remove someone from the roll. The voter has to write to the EC and tell them that they are no longer eligible to vote in Shelby County. As if!

How many middle class Shelby County Republicans have moved to Desoto and Fayette counties in the last ten years, and how many of them are still regisitered to vote here? Enough to swing elections, I'm sure.

No kidding.


John Harvey said...

I defy anyone to find anywhere or anytime where I have said I was out to remove only a certain segment of the voting population. I have said all along that my push has been for FAIR and HONEST elections. I don't mind my candidate losing a race, if the race was fairly counted. I do however, take offense when there is an obvious conspiracy and the "powers that be" want to turn a blind eye.

I would hope there will be more indictments forthcoming in the district 29 election because it is obvious there was a conspiracy. Eddie Hayes was the person in charge of overseeing the polls that day and the FACTS show that he signed off saying that it was a "good election". He had known all the women who worked that poll for years, so he knew one of them wasn't there. When he signed the form at the end of the day saying noting unusual had happened, he sealed his own indictment, in my mind. If the DAG doesn't see it that way, he needs glasses.

Blinders Off said...
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John Harvey said...

To "Blinders Off"

Thanks for the kind comments, but I'm a very grounded person. I have a strong faith and my family would support me in any endeavor I wanted to attempt. I appreciate your understanding though, that I'm being assailed by a lot of people for standing up and saying what NEEDS to be said. After being shot at 7 times (never hit), it takes a lot more than a bunch of meely mouthed sissies to get to me!< G >

At any rate, thanks for the thoughts!


LeftWingCracker said...

Also, I'm trying to back you up on this stuff...

midtowner said...

WTF? Who is Blinders off and why is he hijacking your blog? Why is TM taunting him here? Am I tripping?

LeftWingCracker said...

Well, if you go to blinders off's blog, you'll see that someone posted as Thaddeus there, but it was not Thaddeus, because when he posts, he always puts his picture up.

Misunderstanding there...

Thaddeus Matthews said...

You are the white devil nothing you say is true

Blinders Off said...

Thank you Leftwing and John for giving me your viewpoints, I apologize again to you and your readers for posting a long comment on your blog that is off your posting topic. I would not have done that if I did not respect what each of you do on your site. By consensus, it appears as if someone else is out to make Thaddeus look bad. If I am able, I will delete my comment off your blog or please do it for me.

I am serious about what I post on my blog just as much as the next blogger does, I guess I received my first troll in the filthiest way and I am not about that. I am also sorry the troll looks to making his or her rounds. I am not too proud to apologize to Thaddeus or anyone else if I prematurely jumped to a conclusion.

Jeff said...

I still have the email exchange. Read it and weep for the state of our elections.

I wish to report that my parents, *** and ******** *****, are still listed as registered voters in ROS 14 in Shelby County. I am a registered voter in this precinct as well, and have noticed, when signing my name in previous elections, that my parents' names were still on the rolls. I informed the election official at the site the first time I noticed this, but it had not been corrected by the most recent election.

They formerly lived at **************, but they have since moved to Olive Branch MS and are currently registered voters in that state. They have not been eligible to vote in Tennessee since before 2000.



Mr. You,

The Election Commission can not purge individuals unless the voter makes such a request. Your parents need to send a request to the Shelby County Election Commission office stating that they wish to be removed from the voter rolls since they no longer live in Tennessee. They will need to sign the request so that there signatures can be compared to the one on file.

The request should be made to the following address: 157 Poplar Avenue, Room 109, Shelby County Office Building, Memphis, Tennessee 38103-1948.

Cara Harr
Elections Attorney

OK, people are not informed of this when they move. The question is, isn't there a way to match voter registrations state by state and county by county to see if you get matches, and then find out where that person really lives, and then REMOVE them from the rolls where they don't live? Is it really that hard? Hell, I could do it with an Excel file in about two minutes if you just give me the raw registration data.

LeftWingCracker said...

I was under the impression that when you registered in a new state, you had to list your prior registration.

When the new registration was filed, the EC in the new location was required to notify the EC in the old location so the old registration can be purged.

Are you telling me that's not the case? If not, maybe we need to get the legislators involved here..

John Harvey said...

According to the news media, the Shelby County Election Commission has agreed to start using the National Change of Address Database to purge the system. I also understand that when you move to another jurisdiction and apply for a voters registration, they forward notice to your previous county. Either way, it appears the election commission is heading in the right direction, even thought they had to be dragged (kicking and screaming).

Jeff said...

When my parents moved, either that was not the procedure, or else the procedure got ignored.