Thursday, June 15, 2006

This is terrific

A maginficent piece of writing by Brassmask, who wrote in response to the question, Who Loves America?

Obviously, he does, if this piece is any measure. Here's the opener, but you should read it all:

America and I are estranged. Our relationship has always been strained. You know, she would flirt with me and I would be all moony over her when she was Clinton's girl but then I would see something in her diaries that made me think she was a whore. You know, she was with a bunch of older, white guys in the her youth and everyone thinks those guys hung the moon but I've read about them online and they were dogs just like most of the guys she's been with.

I guess in my heart, I'll always love her from afar and hope that she will get off the junk and straighten up and fly right and think about someone besides herself.