Friday, June 23, 2006

We have been assimilated.

As Autoegocrat put it tonight, we are all part of the Ford Voter Company now. The chip implantation didn't hurt a bit.


Other than that, a great time was had by all, which included MemphisBlue-Ford, Autoegocrat-Ford, the West Tennessee Liberal-Ford, Wintermute-Ford, Freedonian-Ford, Brassmask-Ford, and two fellow travelers, albeit non-bloggers.

UPDATE: Pesky was there before I got there, my apologies.

Further Update: Brother Autoegocrat-Ford shows the new logo!


PeskyFly said...

Dude, I was there---- just early. I had to leave very early to see Urinetown which is VERY EFFING GOOD, and I advise all my lefty brethren to give it a looksee. As it happens, I hate most musicals. This one is a rare, if still imperfect exception. It's honest to gosh political theater done up.

David Holt said...

You are not a Ford, Pesky, and therefore not welcome among us, the brethern.

And on another note, I was waiting for the all clear sign from you before going to see a play with such a promising, but scary name.

Freedonian said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Pesky.

Freedonian Ford

Brassmask said...

I enjoyed the hell out of it.

I did get assimilated but I fought it a la Jean Luc Piccard and came out deeply scarred inside.

Blogger Formerly Known As Brassmask-Ford

Anonymous said...

Just noticed the change in blog title.

Those of you who have not been implanted yet, your Wetware Is Here!

Wintermute Ford

polar donkey said...

My implant got over-ridden with the new Bob Corker, Senator Candidate's Daughter girls gone wild virus. Ford's campaign can't compete. You think Corker's daughter is wild now, what til he's a senator. Oh the debauchery and baccanallian excesses not matched since first term Bush twins.

autoegocrat said...

Polar Donkey, why oh why did you have to go there? You're going to void the warranty on my new last name.

By the way, if anyone knows what font that is at the bottom of our new logo, please tell me so I can change it to the proper city name.