Monday, June 05, 2006

What the hell, did everybody else take the weekend off, too?

OK, I'm back from celebrating in Illinois, and other than the Republicans being obsessed with gay marriage (you know, maybe if the Republicans got some sex once in a while, they wouldn't care so much about people who DO), nothing seems to be happening.

Other than Roscoe's trial, of course.

No pictures of Illinois, this was a family event and the names have been changed to protect the allegedly innocent!

Give me a day or so to recover and I'll have more up about other judicial races and a treatise about the county elections.


autoegocrat said...

I was going to make the exact same post, but then I decided it was too meta.

Ever since the summer heat kicked in, I've been absolutley worthless by the time I get home from work. Some days I'm doing well if I can simply read the news, much less write anything intelligent about it.

polar donkey said...

Republicans have substituted golf for sex. Look at how they are bribed. I think it's because of petrochemicals in our environment that drops sperm count. hehehe Also mainstream media is doing a pretty good job pointing out the obvious that the amendment is just a pathetic attempt at pandering to christo-fascists.
Roscoe, well he's corrupt, as are the local and state political systems too. No news there.
Junior is still taking an asswhooping.
Herenton is a maniac depressive nut running our city into the ground.
Are a couple stories simmering under the surface. Did you read Thad? He posted the emails of executive committee arguing about supporting republicans.

Len said...

Well, I ran up to Metropolis, IL over the weekend to finally go see The World's Largest Collection of Superman Memorabilia. Sometimes ya just have to feed yer inner geek, ya know.

Glad to know Northern Illinois is still alive and kicking. :-)

autoegocrat said...

Polar Donkey wins the thread, and I might also point out that Thaddeus' post includes some information that, ahem, probably ought not be published.

LeftWingCracker said...

Almost ALL of Thaddeus' posts include information that ought not be published, but, there he is and he's not been sued yet, to my knowledge.