Thursday, June 08, 2006

Roscoe goes down.....

To the surprise of probably no one, Roscoe Dixon was found guilty on all counts in his bribery and corruption trial today, and faces possibly up to 90 years in prison.

And yes, the West Tennessee Liberal is absolutely correct to heap scorn and derision at Dixon and his other fellow defendants for any part they may have had in the sordid Tennessee Waltz scandal. As a good friend of mine who had read the article noted to me today, "We can’t assume attitudes of righteousness if we are not righteous ourselves." Another said that he was angered and hurt by these scandals, saying that they discredited the 30 years of work that he had put into the local party and its candidates.

You know, there will be (and already are) people claiming that this was racially motivated and it was entrapment, yada yada yada. BULLSHIT. You know, just because money was offered DIDN'T MEAN YOU HAD TO GO FOR IT!

Corruption is a problem at EVERY level of government, and no less so in memphis, Shelby County, and the state of Tennessee. The future of self-government in this country depends on each of us working to clean out corruption, whether in the nation's capital, the legislative plaza, or city hall.

The time is now.

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autoegocrat said...

You're damn right about that. The grand experiment of democracy is failing this test, it's up to every one of us to breathe life back into the system.

The skin color of the defendants was the sole work of Barry Myers. He's the one who told the FBI to stay away from white Republicans so that he could keep his exclusive cut of the action.

I think anyone who is familiar with the details of the case are aware of that, and if not, it's corrected easily enough.