Monday, October 15, 2007

Hey! Mike McWherter, don't you think it's time to decide?

No, seriously, you need to make up your damn mind whether you're going to challenge LAMAR! Alexander for the US Senate so that we can either get cracking, or let us get behind Bob Tuke.  

You DID notice that LAMAR! brought Bu$h down to Brad Martin's house today to raise a load of $$$ for his re-election campaign, didn't you?  What the hell are you waiting on?  If you wait TOO long, neither you, or Bob Tuke, or anyone else will be able to raise the $$$ it will take to unseat Mr. Plaid Shirt.  He can be HAD, I'm telling you, you need to make up your mind quickly, and tomorrow wouldn't be too soon.

Because of respect for your father, we're all waiting to see what you're going to do.  If we have to wait too long, it may be too late to mount a victorious campaign, which will be tough enough as long as Tom Ingram is running LAMAR!'s campaign.

If you're going to do, then DO IT or get the hell out of the way; I don't want another term for LAMAR! just because we weren't ready to go.


GoldnI said...

McWherter told KnoxNews two weeks ago that he's looking to become a full-fledged candidate "within three or four months", to which I responded that he DID NOT HAVE three or four months. After hearing this news about Lamar! today, I hope that it's becoming clear to McWherter how little time he really has.

Anonymous said...

I've turned my back on royalism in American politics for good.

Better to let a man of the people rise on his own talent and merit.

Greg said...

I agree with wintermute. Why wait on McWherter? He needs to shit or get off the pot and I'd rather he stay on the pot and let us elect someone who has more going for him (or her) than a family name.

Somebody, jump in this race! The fact that Lamar! would have Bush campaign for him shows how out of touch he really is. No one, but the extreme (read crazy)right wing republicans like Bush and to think that it would help to bring him to town shows that Lamar! is not in tune with his constituents.

Greg said...

By the way, who are the big money people who paid to see this Bush, and what companies/corporations do they run, just so I'll know what company NOT to do business with? Anyone know?

lilah said...

Heard the plaid shirt raised $750,000 at Brad Martin's event - that means 750 people paid $1,000 each to meet the shrub! Some Democract needs to get off his or her butt and start the challenge.

I know Fred Smith is a supporter, so you can boycott FedEx. Most big companies in Memphis would be my guess of who made up the rest of the guess list.

Greg said...

Thanks, I'll be using UPS until I learn they, too, are facists.