Monday, October 01, 2007

Come to the Game

I am going to the game tomorrow, was already planning it, with Cracker, WTL, Jack, Ross, Stacy, and two other friends. We hope to see you there even if the team stinks on ice. Tommy should be let go at the end of the season if he doesn't fire Clay Helton and hire a new coordinator who can be a good recruiter.

With the tragedy of the death of Taylor Bradford, a walk on who is a member/pledge, not sure which, of Kappa Alpha Psi from Nashville, the game takes on deeper meaning. The magnitude of this tragedy for his family and friends is undeniable.

It is our version of Virginia Tech. What is different is that Blacksburg is not a violent city, Memphis is the most violent city in the country. U of M is an urban campus, one of the very few D1 football schools that play in a major urban market. It is near a high crime area. It has been unusual that this has not happened before here.

Some have tried to criticize Shirley Raines for waiting six hours to notify students. Excuse me, but students were still notified 3-4 hours before the first classes began.

I will not try to exploit this for any political reasons, except to say this. Crime has been on the rise in Memphis for the last three years. With a national broadcast of football, a game that lends itself to talks about the school and the community by its broadcasters during the frequent break, Memphis is not presenting its best face. to the country and to recruits. Herenton has done virtually nothing, don't you think its time for a change to Herman or Carol?

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Mr Turnbow said...

Jon I think Memphis should hire the University of North Alabama's Head Coach Mark Hudspeth if they toss Tommy overboard next month. He was a finalist for the UAB job last year.