Thursday, October 04, 2007

Its Over

Well, Herenton has won again, Carol was behind if you take out the early vote. Half of the vote came from early vote. That sounds impressive, but when you consider turnout was only around 30%, not so much.

Reid Hedgepath never campaigned or made public appearances and will win with around 31% of the vote. The CA endorsement of Mary Wilder and three candidates pulling from the same constituencies killed Desi.

Right after my voter guide came out, literally that night, Shea Flinn was pissed about my saying he would lose by 10 points, well, I was wrong, I made that before I knew about the Jerry Springer stuff and how much Frank Langston had done to bite into Conrads votes.

Scott McCormack is going to finish with more votes that Myron, so I guess I was wrong about that, damn you Dell Gill!!

Looks like runoffs for Gatewood-Morrison, Boyd-Stephens, Collins-and someone (I am doing this at 9:35, will change when determined, but lets say Griffith), and Ford-Catchings.

I don't know if its my using of Firefox, but the Election Commission site would never load anything but the test results. Channel 5 is where I got pretty up to date info, every five minutes roughly starting at 8:30. Jackson was good. Yacoubian called it almost immediately after early vote was posted for Herenton, saying the 8000 vote differential was too much. Ben Ferguson to quote my wife, "looks like a 14 year old Dumbo." Shea Flinn should kick his ass for saying Shea and his dad finally won a seat and race legitimately after throwing seven figures at everything in the past. Ferguson was the only analyst I saw make personal attacks. Admittedly, I stayed on 5 for the most part, flipping to 3 and 13 occasionally.

Final though and something to look forward to.

Memphis is to put it politely, f#$%^& for the next four years. Herenton will be indifferent. The flight to the suburbs us going to accelerate. We had a chance to effect change in Memphis for the first time in 16 years today and instead, we get more of the same. Our schools are failing, our infrastructure is poor, out populance is undereducated, and we had a mayor who just won reelection with a campaign message of "Shake off the Haters". God, I hope I'm wrong, let's do our best to do so.


leftwingcarolinablue said...

You can be proud of yourself and the efforts you gave to try and effect the changes Memphis needs. No shame there. May I suggest, somewhat sheepishly, that if Carol had been a little more passionate in small groups and among those who weren't her "base," she might have done better? I'm basing these comments on your party and projecting her presentation as a constant rather than an abberation and I hope I'm wrong. But she could not have expected to generate the turnout needed in the areas she needed it if she acted even one or two more times as she did at your place. She may have been tired--who wouldn't be--but given that most of you were going to vote for her anyway, she could have begged off, gotten some rest and showed up at another function. More than anything, YOU can be pleased with yourself. If the voting populace wants to re-annoint a fool, that's not your fault.

Jon Carroll said...

the problem is more that her and Morris pulled from the same people, she had major negatives, and that people just didn't go out to vote, and those that did were motivated

leftwingcarolinablue said...

We're saying different things here. I don' think that even if CC had low negatives, she would have gotten enough enough of the not voting public to win. Her lack of energy--once I saw, perhaps only that occasion, maybe others--helped to create the impression that she only ran to "make a statement" and she knew she would settle for a "moral victory" of "getting thre issues out there" and "keeping the Mayor busy." I may be wrong in extrapolating her performance in May throughout the whole race, but that was the impression I got at the picnic.

LeftWingCracker said...

Chuck Mangione? WTF??????

Joltin' Django said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't you say on this blog that there was no way in hell that Mayor Willie would be re-elected? Don't say much for your skills at political prognosticatin', n'est-ce pas?!