Thursday, September 04, 2008

All right, team, it's GO TIME!!!!

- Memphis Obama Campaign Headquarters is OPEN -

Need Volunteers to staff HQS, Volunteers to Register Voters, and supplies for HQS

Hello All,

Many of you were involved in the grassroots Women for Kerry Voter Registration initiative in 2004. Thanks to all of the hard work of volunteers like you, we managed to register about 6,000 voters in one month. Everybody did their part, we had hundreds of volunteers giving whatever time they could to exceed our registration goal. It is time again to register voters in this Obama 08 presidential campaign that may be the most important election in our lifetime.

We can't imagine candidates representing more dramatic differences. This week's Republican convention has just confirmed we MUST work to elect Barack Obama and Joe Biden. The stakes could NOT BE HIGHER.

It is time for Democrats to unite behind our exciting Obama/Biden ticket for CHANGE. As Barack Obama said in his incredible acceptance speech - ENOUGH! The consequences of allowing a McCain/Palin ticket to be elected is personally too frightening to imagine.

We are fortunate and very lucky to have an Obama/Biden HQ established in Memphis this year at 5026 Park Avenue in Eastgate Shopping Center. If you haven't already, sign up for the Memphis for Obama 08 Campaign at

Presently, the campaign is working to secure materials and resources for the city and this includes staffing and furnishing the HQ. Until the official open house, the HQ will be open only on Saturdays from 10 am - 5 pm for our city wide voter registration drive.

The items listed below are still needed for the Obama HQ. If you can donate please stop by 5026 Park Avenue on Saturday between the hours of 10am- 5pm. Items needed:

computers & printers/multi-purpose machines
office supplies (pens, pencils, clip boards, paper, etc.)
trash cans, trash bags
gift cards (Kinkos, Wal-Mart, Office Depot, etc)

Also, if you have any time availability and would like to volunteer to help out with staffing the office please contact Nika Jackson, Memphis/West TN Obama Field Organizer, with your name and phone number. Any questions? Just contact Ms. Jackson.

The Obama/Biden team is planning to focus squarely on voter registration between now and October 6th. Please go to the website to sign up to register voters.

Voter registration events will be each Saturday between now and October 6th, from 10 AM - 2 PM, meeting first at Obama/Biden HQS, 5026 Park, in Eastgate Shopping Center.

VOTE FOR CHANGE City-Wide Voter Registration Drive
Saturday, September 6 at 10:00 AM - 4 hours

Volunteers will be meeting at Obama Headquarters, 5026 Park Avenue every Saturday at 10am to break into voter registration teams and cover the city. Focus right now is on Obama-friendly areas in the inner-city, particularly libraries, shopping centers, grocery stores, and other high traffic areas. If you have suggestions on where volunteers would be welcome to register voters, please contact Kerry Hayes, 901-481-5104,

Even if you can only volunteer for one hour, you can make a difference. If you can't volunteer on Saturday, contact Kerry Hayes, 901-481-5104, to arrange other volunteer opportunities. Voter registration may well be the difference in the outcome of this election.

Let's Make History Together - YES WE CAN!!!!

Ann Sandberg

Becky Kelly

Midsouth Democrats in Action


ContrAltoDelete said...

Cracker, could you also do a post about changememphis? Not affiliated with the Obama campaign, it's the 6 city charter revisions that apparently appear on the same ballot. I picked up a brochure at MMHF last weekend and (although I haven't seen the legal text of the initiatives yet)all of the changes reflect things we've asked for like IRV. Thank you.

indiespirit said...

Cracker, are you really this much of a socialist? You liberals cry like bitches about being able to abort babies and the government having no control over your bodies, but socialism IS TOTAL CONTROL BY THE GOVERNMENT. You guys make zero sense some days.

indiespirit said...

Indie Spirit is my daughter's account so don't think I have gone all goofy on you.

Anonymous said...

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