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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thank you Federal Reserve; you're insuring my car and sponsoring Manchester United!

Thanks to the Fed's decision to bail out AIG, they now own my car insurance policy (at least until March) and sponsorship of the defending Premier League and UEFA Champions League side, Manchester United!

While I am actually a fan of Chelsea, I find this humorous. Or not, as The Big Lead notes here:

One of the most notable of these, for sports fans, is A.I.G.’s mega deal with Manchester United, to appear on their jerseys. In 2006, the insurance company signed a record four-year $98.88 million deal for the prominent frontage. The agreement lasts until 2010.

So, basically, while one out of eight Michigan residents require food stamps and public elementary school classrooms climb toward 40 students, a further $50 million of taxpayer money, will be donated directly to Manchester United.


polar donkey said...

I remember reading articles in December and January warning of a financial crisis in September. I guess they were right. I will not tell you what those same articles said about your bank.
Thanks Alan Greenspan for proving that the housing market can go down and that Wall Street can not govern itself. Unfortunately, you and your supply side monetarist had to bankrupt the country. I sure hope Obama can be the next FDR.

Katie said...

Maybe Man U will now tank as badly as the economy? GUNNERS FOR LIFE!

LeftWingCracker said...

Katie! I never took you for a Gooner...

2012天氣晴朗 said...