Saturday, January 27, 2007

Even the NATIONAL blogs notice the upgrade!

Jonathan Singer at MyDD has written about our new Congressman and how he is an upgrade from the old one:

Cohen is a great example of how even a Democrat replacing another Democrat in the House can make Congress more progressive. While in this case the change was not accomplished through a primary, Cohen's statement's and pledge to chart a progressive course as Representative for Tennessee's 9th district -- particularly after the district was represented by the unabashedly centrist Harold Ford -- make a fairly strong case for offering primary challenges Democratic members who are out of touch with their strong Democratic majority districts.

Of course, some of the commenters, still deluded that Junior is a Democrat, took umbrage, but who cares?

This comes on the heels of a Kos post, noted by Pesky, that shows that freshman Democratic congresspeople are avoiding Ford's DLC like the Plague:

It's delicious irony watching loser Harold Ford take the helm of the dying DLC, while Democrats who won tough conservative districts (the ones only DLC moderates are supposed to win) gear up for reelection utterly rejecting the DLC accommodationist playbook. Just goes to prove that 1) we're evolving as a party, becoming more effective, and 2) our freshman Democrats are no idiots. Even those elected in solid Republican districts are beginning their two-year re-election drive by -- get this -- establishing clear distinctions between themselves and Bush and his Republican Party.



egalia said...

Thanks for this. We knew people would sit up and notice him, nice it's already started.

Sharon Cobb said...

I second what Egalia said.

Zoilus said...

I mean, fucksake, the DLC only thrived because they perceived their strategy of Republican-lite as correct, when in fact it was simply Ross Perot.