Sunday, January 14, 2007

Whew! The Bears SURVIVE..

Photo courtesy Reuters

Wow. After playing a great first half, the Bears eke out an overtime win over the Seahawks in OT, 27-24. Their reward? Hosting America's Team, the New Orleans Saints, next Sunday at 2 PM on Fox13.

As for the other game, only Tom F. Brady could win a playoff game by throwing an interception. Patriots-Colts. AGAIN.

Will this insanity never end?


TN420 said...

Having been a Saints fan for about 35 years, I'm obviously pleased that they won. But what was with Philly and NOT going for it with 1:54 left?

They punted the game away without even trying a hail mary or some shit like that.

Something was wrong there.

BraveCordovaDem said...

I have a dilemma here Cracker. I am a longtime Saints fan but have a policy of not supporting any team referred to as "America's Team." Can I petition to change it, maybe to "Latin America's Team? After all, they say that Louisiana is a 3rd world country.

John Harvey said...

You got 3/4th's of the games right, but I got all of them. Next weekend the Bears will beat the Ain'ts and the Colts will finally beat the Patriots.

I might add (very humbly) that I have also predicted the winner of every Super Bowl, since the very first! I use a scientific method that has yet to be wrong.

JB said...

Hey, John Harvey, I know you're good, but not THAT good! You had the Jets over the (Baltimore) Colts? KC over the Vikings? The Patriots over the Rams in '01? You real sure about that?