Tuesday, January 23, 2007

PD goes where angels fear to tread..

Polar Donkey assesses the Democratic landscape in Shelby County over the last 18 months, and comes to the conclusion that white Democrats may be on the endangered species list, thanks to the Mayor of Memphis and the election of Steve Cohen. Here's a sample:

The collapse of the Fords has contributed greatly to the ascendancy of the Herenton faction. That faction no longer is content to just have local elected positions and is moving on to state level offices after doing especially well with County Commission elections. District 30 was just the first spot open and some of the bloggers think 93 is next. But I don’t think the movement against these seats is driven by race or political ideology. The Herenton faction is doing this simply because it can. Why not consolidate power when you have the political forces to do it? I’m sure Herenton will push on the City Council as well. By the end of Herenton’s 16th year, he will be the sole, political weather maker. It’s Herenton’s world and we’re all just squirrels looking for a nut.

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