Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I had to steal this, AC..

Kleinheider linked to a Newscoma post suggesting that Kurita will not be injured by her vote, and there was this killer comment from KnoxViews' Andy Axel, simulating what Rosalind SHOULD have said to Wilder:

"Sen. Wilder?

You might notice something -- that knife that I just plunged in your back bears the initials 'TNDP.'

It's the same one I pulled from my own back late last spring.

Have a nice day."

Amen, Andy.


Memphis said...
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MemphisPI said...

Look for the other shoe to drop here LWC. I bet Kurita switches parties.

As you pointed out during the primary for Senate last year the Democratic leadership forced her out in favor of Jr.

If she had taken the primary today she would be sitting in the US Senate instead of Tennessee. Does anybody think Kurita would not have beaten Corker in the current environment?

Also I am reading others who are minimizing this. This has ramifications all across the board.
It is a huge victory for Republicans!

Jon Carroll said...

i wonder where the horse head is

polar donkey said...

That guy was right. If you tell somebody to go to hell you better make sure you can send them there. People who feel screwed over have a strange habit of popping back up at the most inopprotune times.

Kurita doesn't have to switch parties. She can run the fence between the parties for a awhile. She sure ain't making any friends though. (After the last year and half, she knows she doesn't have friends anyway.)I guess we can call her the Iron Lady of Tennessee now cause she's cold as steel.