Wednesday, January 24, 2007

TOMORROW is Election Day

IF you live either in Senate District 30, and/or House District 92, and some of you may live in BOTH.

So, if you didn't vote early, GET OFF YOUR ASS AND GO VOTE! Polls are open from 7AM-7PM as always, and early votes should be announced shortly after 7 pm HERE.

If you are supporting Marrero, as I have, and you want to help tomorrow, show up at IBEW at 1870 Madison. If you can't help, but support her and want to attend the party afterwards, go there anyway, after 7 PM.

If the Spence folks have a place that they want people to go, please email me and I'll update this post. It's sjs1959 at gmail dot com.

If you didn't like either of them but are still a liberal and/or a Democrat anyway, go HERE, you might find kindred spirits! Not that you won't find supporters of either candidate there, you will.

Other note: G.A. Hardaway is unopposed in the Democratic Primary for House 92 but will face a Republican opponent in the general election; once we get this Godforsaken primary behind us, we need to get behind him, he will be a terrific legislator.

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