Monday, January 08, 2007

So the SEC gets lucky and salvages one...

courtesy AP

It was a country butt-whoopin', Florida 41, Ohio State 14.

Congrats to the Gator fans out there.

Obviously the Big Ten can't end their season before Thanksgiving ever again, 50 days off is TOO LONG. Take nothing away from UF, though, they out played and out COACHED Mr. Sweatervest.

I just hate hearing the SEC people brag, though, they never play anyone outside the conference except at gunpoint. I'll just have to settle for 2-1 in the Bowls.

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Richmond said...

I would rather it have been Georgia or LSU or Alabama or even Ole Miss, but I'll sort of take Florida as a "Southern" team tonight. I didn't see the game and was surprised at both the win and the size of it. Congrats in any case: the Big Ten is still much better academically.