Thursday, January 25, 2007

Well, the Democratic electorate has spoken.


With all 58 precincts reporting and Early Vote and Absentees listed, here are your final, unofficial numbers in the Senate 30 Democratic Primary:

Beverly Marrero 2810 73.4%

Robert Spence, Jr. 925 24.2%

Kevin Gallagher 88 2.3%

Enough said.


Sharon Cobb said...

Now, how do we help her win in March when she isn't allowed to accept any contributions????
Seriously, what is the next step?

polar donkey said...

Spence couldn't get elected dog catcher. Didn't he spend $140,000 for that school board seat and lost. How much did he spend on this?

Brassmask said...

Holy criznap!

Talk about decisive!

All those billboards for naught but convincing little children to read. At least some good came out of it.

Milton said...

Speaking of the state senate, check out for another piece about Republican "ethics."