Friday, January 12, 2007

It's Friday and I promised you some picks, didn't I?

Well, let's get to it, then. Your humble Cracker went 4-0, thanks to Tony Romo.

AFC Divisional Playoff Game 1, Indianapolis at Baltimore, Saturday, 3:30 PM, CBS (WREG -3)
Well, the Ravens have long been known for the killer defense, and, well, the Colts HAVEN'T. Their win against KC was more the result of Herm Edwards playing into the Colts' hands with their offense, or lack thereof. Expect to see what Bill Simmons calls "The Peyton Manning Face" by the 4th Quarter, as Indy goes home before the Super Bowl yet again.

Ray Lewis may personally kill and eat Manning, if he's not careful.

PICK: Ravens 28, Colts 13

NFC Divisional Playoff Game 1, Philadelphia at New Orleans, Saturday, 7 PM, FOX (WHBQ - 13)

Jeff Garcia has had a remarkable run subbing for Donovan McNabb after the All-Pro veteran went down for the year after game 11, when the Iggles were a lowly 5-6 and looking like they would out on the golf course in January. Garcia came out and reminded everyone not of his last couple of years, but the Garcia of his youth with the 49ers. Sparking Ewing Theory thoughts, the Iggles have won seven games in a row to capture the NFC East and knock off the Giants last week at home at the Linc.

They WON'T be at the Linc Saturday night. They will be at the Superdome, home of America's NEW Team, your New Orleans Saints. Sean Payton has revitalized the franchise that everyone thought was San Antonio-bound, with the help of the Dolphins (for passing on Drew Brees for Daunte Culpepper), the Houston Texans (for passing on Reggie Bush in favor of Mario Williams), Deuce McAllister in a personal renaissance, and the fans of New Orleans, in and out of The Big Easy.

There will be high emotion, high drama, but I believe Jeff Garcia's fantasy run ends here, as the Saints will be focused and the Eagles will be stopped.

PICK: Saints 24, Eagles 10

NFC Divisional Playoff Game 2, Seahawks at Bears, Sunday, Noon, FOX (WHBQ - 13)

OK, which Rex Grossman will show up? That's really the definitive question for this game, as he will either win the game for the Bears with TD passes or for the Seahawks with interceptions. As long as Rex has a decent game, not a bad one, the Bears' defense, as usual, will be good enough to eke out a win at home in an ice storm at the Spaceship on The Lake.

PICK: Bears 13, Seahawks 3

AFC Divisional Playoff Game 2, Patriots at Chargers, Sunday, 3:30 PM, CBS (WREG - 3)

The Chargers have the MVP, LaDanian Tomlinson, the FORMERLY roided-up All-Pro Defensive End, Shawne Merriman, they have home field at the Murph (it ain't Qualcomm to me) and a young but decent QB, Philip Rivers, who is improving each game, except that this will be his FIRST playoff game as a starter.

Unfortunately, they also have Marty Schottenheimer as a head coach. Mr. I-Can-Find-More-Ways-To-Lose-In-January-Than-Any-Coach-EVER!

And, well, they're facing.......The New England Patriots.

BELICHICK. BRADY. 11-1 in the Playoffs together, NEVER lost a playoff at home and only ONE on the road, last year at Denver.

Sorry, LDT, your season ends here, especially with Marty on your sidelines.

PICK: Patriots 27, Chargers 17

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