Wednesday, June 13, 2007

America is NOT a conservative country

And Media Matters has done an extensive report that refutes the bilge spewing from the Mainstream Media regarding the conservatism of the USA, cultural and otherwise.

You can go directly to the report here, or download the PDF for printing and reading. Either way, it's a great way to learn the truth about this country, and call bullshit on those who say otherwise.


TN420 said...

Social Conservative? Definitely not. This nation was founded on Liberal philosophy and for Liberal philosophy. That's just one reason the founders made it an imperative to separate Church and State.

The equation is simple:

In a Liberal society, Conservotards have the right to live conservative lives. In a Conservative society, Liberals are persecuted for living liberal lifestyles.

That's why we're good and they're bad. ;)

Austin said...

Come on Cracker. If this was a liberal society then you guys would have hung me by now.