Monday, June 18, 2007

Fields quits ExecCom

So says Fox13; according to the story, Fields resigned to avoid any problems for the party, presumably to avoid any more ouster attempts and and more division. sounds like unnecessary problem dodged, right? WRONG.

THIS little gem is buried in the story: Norman says the ExecCom will meet on June 28 and consider banning Fields from the party for LIFE.

Look, folks, you haven't done a DAMN thing since you got elected, and you don't need to fool around with this crap. You're starting to prove Upton right when he says you don't get anything done; this is a waste of time. How does fooling with this get any Democratic candidate elected?

Where's the ward & precinct? There's no Kennedy Day dinner this year, where's the fundraising? Some of the people on the committee have told me that they have trouble getting the Chair to respond to anything.

It's time to LEAD, Brother Norman; Fields is GONE and y'all need to move on and ACCOMPLISH something.
UPDATE: My sources tell me they have planned a fundraiser for July 26 at the Rendezvous from 5-6:30 P.M., no $$ amount known at this time. Well, it's a start, but why did it take this long? Also, they need to cancel the meeting to permanently ban Fields; if his House District wants to keep electing him (why they would, I don't know), it's their RIGHT, and the ExecCom does not have the right to usurp the power of the Democratic electorate of that district.
CORRECTION: David Holt reports that the meeting was scheduled prior to the Fields funfest, my apologies.


David Holt said...

That meeting was already scheduled before the Fields stuff.

David Holt said...

It's just a meeting to replace the regularly scheduled meeting over the July 4th holiday.