Tuesday, June 26, 2007

This is only going to get worse...

Pesky and Kleinheider have noted that Kathryn Bowers may face more charges at her upcoming bribery trial this September, stemming from payoffs she is alleged to have received from a dental clinic operator trying to get state business.

Kathryn, you should have taken the plea bargain. The US Attorney's office is going to come after you with everything they can find, and if you farted crossways in public in 1973, they'll put that out, too.

The sad thing is that you had a solid legislative career with a record of achievement for your district; now, that is all going in the trashcan because of these charges. Look, I know legislators are woefully underpaid, but you knew what the salary was when you took office.

I'm really sorry, but you need to re-think a trial, because unless you're acquitted, you're going down for a lot of years, more than you might have left. I want nothing more than to be proven wrong and eat a barrelful of crow, but I'm not real hopeful.

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