Thursday, June 28, 2007

Way to go, Big Hurt!


It still hurts to see Frank Thomas in any other uniform other than that of the Chicago White Sox, whom he left after the 2005 World Series Championship season.

However, today, to use a Bill Simmons line, it got a little dusty in here when I read that the Big Hurt had hit his 500th career home run, capping a Hall of Fame-bound career in that most appropriate of places, the Metrodome, against the Twins, against whom he has hit 50 of his 500 blasts.
I watched Frank is his rookie year and knew he would be a star, and he has been all that and more. Bravo, Big Hurt, we are all proud of you!


leftwingcarolinablue said...

Kudos to another White Sox bound Hall of Famer. Thomas, of course, has EARNED his accolades and will have HONESTLY swatted his way to Cooperstown. That, of course, does not apply to Mr. "My Head Only Has Grown Like Other Men My Age" and "I Only Took the Cream and the Clear without Realizing It" and "I Wanted as much Attention as Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa" and ..............
Congrats to Frank and all White Sox fans--

RuralFreeDelivery said...

Congrats to Frank. A pretty cool moment for the White Sox nation. Wish he'd parted with the team on happier terms, but oh well. Certainly beats any offensive feats of strength we've seen from the ChiSox this year!