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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thaddeus has the right to crow this morning

For over a year, Thaddeus Matthews has attacked local attorney Richard Fields.  His latest story suggested that Fields was involved in a plot with local car dealer Russell Gwatney and the cousin of one of Fields' ex-wives to involve the Mayor in a sex plot.

Guess what?  Marc Perrusquia of the CA has picked up the story!  This sounds, as my friend Richmond put it, Keystone Kops-like in its descriptions.  I would be remiss if I failed to note that several of Thad's commenters have poked holes in it already, but l am waiting to see what Perrusquia does with this in future days.


Mr Turnbow said...

Ah don't you love the political season. Ain't nothing like a good sex scandal in politics. Btw LWC even though I don't live in Memphis and I lean to the right. I hope your girl Chumney wins. I came across her a few times in Nashville back in the 90's and I found her to be a pretty nice lady.

dk2 said...

I hope Chumney wins also. Time for some fresh approachs to the problems in Memphis!

In fact we can all donate to the Chumney Campaign today!

Mr Turnbow said...

Birmingham, Al. Mayor Bernard Kincaid appears to be in the sameboat as Mayor Herenton. Independent polls in that race show Jefferson County Commissioner Larry Langford with a 20 point lead over the 8 year incumbent.

sincere said...


sincere said...

EAST memphis woman said.You can't unseat KING WILLIE.