Monday, June 18, 2007

Look, PacMan, what part of STAY THE HELL OUT OF STRIP CLUBS don't you understand?

Titans' defensive back Adam "PacMan" Jones is in trouble yet again, as Atlanta and DeKalb County, GA police want to talk to him about an incident early this morning at a DeKalb County strip club.

One of PacMan's entourage apparently fired shots at another car as they were leaving the Moreland Avenue joint Club Blaze at 4:16 A.M.; there had been an argument at the club, and the Jones posse followed the other car out, and shots were fired back and forth.

No one was hurt, fortunately.  Officers on the scene said Jones was not involved, but they believe he knows who was involved from his group.

PacMan, do the letters CFL mean anything to you?  Because that's where you're going to wind up if you were involved with this crap; Goodell isn't playing, as he does not want the league to have the reputation of the NBA.  Forget coming back after 10 games; you might not get to come back EVER after this.

Seriously, dude, if you want ANY chance to come back to the League, cut your boys loose and send them home, and stay the hell out of the clubs.  You can have girls sent to your house, they have that sort of thing in Atlanta, I believe; that way, you don't hit the clubs and nothing bad happens.

Roger Goodell is going to take Thug Life out of the NFL; he doesn't want to lose viewers or sponsors, and PacMan, you had better pay attention or your only hope is to play for the BC Lions.

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'Coma said...

Pacman ain't the brightest crayon in the box, is he?
(My grandfather used to say that and it still makes me laugh.)