Friday, June 15, 2007

Brassmask and Autoegocrat dissect the "2007 Political Conspiracy"

B rocks the house HARD with this lengthy but precise post.

Please go read all of it, even though it's long (print it out if you have to), because it tears apart the cases of both Mayor Herenton and Richard Fields regarding this
ludicrous tale of a potential sex scandal.

Then, back it up with
Autoegocrat's excellent commentary on B's essay, they're both so good that I'm only linking to them, you need to read them both.

Go do it, it's the weekend and you have time.

Then, you'll understand why the whole thing is bogus and the last act of desperate people, and I'm NOT talking about Gwendolyn Smith!

UPDATE: Bob at 55-40 has a terrific take on this as well.

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