Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I will have pictures later, but for now, here's the press release!

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June 12, 2007 (O) 901-454-4055

Memphis, TN. -- Today, Memphis Councilwoman Carol Chumney took some of her friends, family and supporters with her as she filed her petition with the Shelby County Election Commission necessary to qualify for the ballot for Memphis Mayor.

Standing with her father, a history professor at the University of Memphis, and her mother, a former county employee, Chumney spoke about the central themes of this election: Restoring the public’s trust in Memphis City Government by bringing about the change that people want to see in it.

Chumney said, “This election is not about the past; it’s not really even about the present; it’s about our future and the future of our children, and who can lead this city forward in a positive and effective way.”

Chumney further touched on what motivated her to run for Mayor, and why she will be a great Mayor for Memphis.

“I’ve placed my name on the ballot to be your Mayor for one simple reason,” Chumney said, “because I truly love and care about this city, and I know I have the track-record, the fortitude, and the will to get the job done for all of the citizens of Memphis.”


Recent polls in the media show Councilwoman Chumney to be the strong favorite for the upcoming election.

“The people of Memphis know that Memphis needs change,” said Chumney, “and they will make it happen by voting in a better future for us all on October 4th.”

Carol Chumney is a Memphis City Councilwoman. Chumney was elected to the Memphis City Council in the fall of 2003, and has served as Chair of the Public Services and Neighborhoods; the Public Safety & Homeland Security; the Healthcare; and now the Chair of the O & M Budget and MLGW Council Committees. Among other things, she pushed to repeal the twelve year pension for elected and appointed officials, exposed budget shortfalls and the drop in the bond rating, and has worked to hold the administration accountable.

Prior to 2003, Chumney served for 13 years in the Tennessee House of Representatives where she rose to various leadership positions, including Chair of the House Children & Family Affairs Committee, House Majority Whip, and Chair of the Shelby County Delegation.

Chumney practices law in Memphis where she earned her Juris Doctorate from The U of Memphis Law School in 1986, as a Herff Law Scholar. During law school she served as Editor-in-Chief of the Law Review.

Chumney is a lifelong Memphis resident. She is a candidate for Memphis Mayor.

Carol Chumney For Mayor • 2879 Poplar Avenue • Memphis, TN. 38111
Phone: 901-454-4055 • Fax: 901-323-2985

Email: campaign@chumneyformayor.com
Website: www.chumneyformayor.com

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