Friday, June 29, 2007

A magnificent time was had by all

Drinking Liberally had a rock-star like quality last night, as we had lots of cool people (not that we don't usually, just more than normal). A deep thanks goes to our sweet Stacy Mac for putting together this magnificent event, Sarah and Brandon would be proud! 

Of course, we had Carol Chumney working the room and answering questions from one and all; I have been told that it was a larger crowd than the one assembled weeks ago for Herman Morris.

However, I wasn't inside listening to Carol; hell, she's got my vote anyway.  I was outside on the patio meeting our beloved Newscoma, her friend the delightful Squirrel Queen, and a surprise visit from a blogger I thought lived in NashVegas, but lives in MIDTOWN, Lynnster!  All of the above may assist me later, as this blog may be moving later in the summer.  (Don't worry, the whole freaking world will know when I go, as I am being aggregated and linked by a few places now, thankyaverymuch!)

If Chumney's arrival hadn't already brought them out, I assure you the local lefty blog-o-sphere would have shown up for our terrific trio.  There WILL be pictures later, as brother Rick took tons of them on his shiny new badass digital SLR.

Among the assembled bloggers were Pesky, the legendary Kibitzer, Autoegocrat, MemphisBlue, MemphisPI, Pam and Rick of the FreedonianDabney, David and Meg of WTL, and my favorite Memphis poet, IQ, whom you have seen in poetry slams around town, as well as at the Memphis Music & Heritage Festival MCing.

The wait was well worth it, as I got to talk at length with 'Coma, who I have read for a while now, as well as mentioned on these pages.  it was a terrific night, one that will have to be done again very soon, I hope you were there; if not, you really missed out.


Sharon Cobb said...

Dang, I wish I had been there! Coma and Queen are great! I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Lynnster (yet), but she is THE person to talk to about getting your site updated to Wordpress.
And all the other people there! Man, you have so many more progressive bloggers in West TN than we have in Middle TN!
I look forward to getting down there!
I'm thinking of coming for the 30th anniversary of E death week, but I'll have to see how the weather is that week. I can't take the heat anymore, so if it's cooler, I'll go down there. If not, I'll have to wait until later, but I really want to meet so many of you West TN bloggers!

'Coma said...

These are the coolest cats ever. I think I'm already looking at real estate in Memphis :)

Thanks for a wonderful time.

s.mac said...

Aw shucks!! I am glad that this was so successful! Thanks to you for getting me the right connections to get it going!

I am so glad i finally got to meet some of the other bloggers. Steve was sorely missed! Perhaps next time!

See you this weekend!

Desi Franklin said...

I am so sad to have missed this auspicious occasion. Some of us were doing our duty at the SCDP meeting. No further comment. Next time will you send out notices of such events? I wouldn't miss it.

Hi to Coma and SQ. You know Memphis is of the good.