Monday, March 03, 2008

All right, I'm home, and we will be rocking this week

for the past three days, I have listed to some of the finest musicians on earth, eaten some of the best food imaginable, and ended each night around 2 AM sitting only a few feet away from dozens of these musicians play for the sheer joy of it and the highest levels possible.

So, I'm TIRED.

My rant today is at my blogging partner, Mr. Carroll, whose insidious manner of bringing me into the 21st Century, technologically speaking, may have worked at long last.  Normally, when Lauren and I take these trips by car, she breaks into her stash of 10,000 party CDs ( I only slightly exaggerate) and we listen to them en route to and from our destination.

Not so this time, as Jon had lent us his iPod while he, Pam and Jack vacationed in Florida.  Lauren prepared a mix on the iPod, set it on Shuffle, and we went to and from this marvelous festival having to do nothing but listen.  Now each of us have determined that we have to buy the damned thing, and it's YOUR fault, Jon.

Hopefully for you, I'll give it back when you get home.

In other Texas news, Hillary! had lots of people working outside the NTIF in Fair Park, Dallas on Saturday, she spoke across the walkway at the Hall of State, down't know what the crowds were like for her, because I was listening to the Battlefield Band  and the David Munnelly band, among others.  Oh yes, and my favorite Texas Scotsman (or is it Scottish Texan?) Ed Miller, who had Robert Earl Keen's favorite guitar-player, Rich Brotherton with him.

It was marvelous, and I am about to collapse.  Needless to say, I was too busy listening to music to pay attention to Texas, which Obama is going to pull out a slight win.

Enough, I'm going to bed!  More tomorrow!


Newscoma said...

I didn't know I needed an Ipod until I got my shuffle for Christmas. And then I realized I had been missing out.

Music is the universal truth, my Memphis friend. Glad you had fun in Dallas.

Jon Carroll said...