Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Before we all criticize her, and I deeply she should be. Let me ask you all locally this, nationally, especially on Daily Kos, how many people thought Memphis was going to break more for Jr. in the Senate race because he was black?

Statements like what Ferraro has said, what Bill said in South Carolina has cost Hillary the election. As VibInc pointed out to me today, these statements have undone twenty years of good feelings Bill had built up with the African-American community. She could have won polling around 25-30% of the African-American vote. She won't now and she will start to lose super delegates unless she can get out front and repudiate these remarks either now or before she runs for reelection for Senate because she will massively vulnerable.


LeftWingCracker said...

Whew, that scared me; I thought I was going to come here and find a picture of Flip Wilson in a dress...

bob said...

The media are starting to realize that they've been entirely unbalanced in their coverage of the Geraldine Ferraro affair. For approaching a week, they've given this Clinton surrogate a daily platform to repeat her unrepentant, dog-whistle, race-baiting statements over the national airwaves. When Obama's campaign protested, it was to no avail: They simply gave Ferraro a platform to charge Obama with racism. With this utter lack of balance in the media, the Obama campaign can't win for losing.

It appears the media are taking some steps steps to redress this lack of balance, perhaps in time to have some countering effect on the Ferraro meme. ABC News is taking that tentative first step with this report.