Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It's over, and the time for a graceful withdrawal has come.

Hat tip to Sharon Cobb.

After this, it doesn't matter.  She can win in Pennsylvania but it doesn't matter, her campaign will end unsuccessfully.  She still has a great career in the Senate ahead, and hopefully she'll work with the Obama administration to achieve the goals that Democrats need to achieve in order to change this country.

I don't hate her, she's been preparing for this for a long time, and I know she's going to be disappointed, but Obama needs to ignore her and focus on McCain, because she's more done than a two-hour steak at 500 degrees.


Don Sandberg said...

The '08 Clinton campaign will go down in history as a train wreck. Everything they did seemed to turn to shit for them. For a campaign that was supposed to be so organized and competent they were outhustled and outworked at every turn and wasted millions on high-priced consultants who sold them a bill of goods. Why couldn't the Clinton campaign win a caucus? It looks like they just assumed the activists would be theirs until it was too late.

And it appears, hwether it was intentional or not, that Bill blew it for them as well. Everything he says now isn't trusted.

Steve Steffens said...

They don't know how to ORGANIZE. Everything they have done is with consultants, consultants who are only in it for the money. Mark Penn is using Hillary to knock down Obama for McCain, and she's either too stupid or too blind to see it. We have to run them off if we're ever going to get anywhere.

And they say Obama supporters are a cult of personality, oy!

LanceThruster said...

It's sad for her that she felt the need to embelissh on something so easily verifiable. This does not show good judgement. I think Obama has shown his ability to weather the storm; any missteps on his part aside.

A less than fond farewell to "Bosnia Betty."

Anonymous said...
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