Friday, March 07, 2008

I Don't Like Your Milkshake

I'll keep this brief and to the point. I was reading one of Steve's emails today and I got a little mad. Not at the endless courting of so-called Reagan Democrats, am I the only one who realizes these voters are over fifty and watch too much Fox News and listen to Rush and morning drive that makes fun of Hillary and Obama to make me even care about trying to court them, especially here in the South.

Second thing that made me mad. Lets face it, Hillary is running a campaign that we all knew she would. One that the Republicans will run starting in August against Obama should he win. This primary battle prepares both sides for the upcoming war. If she wins, yes she is polarizing, but the election will turn on whether or not Obama decides his ego is worth more than helping her win. If he doesn't try to get his new voters out, we will probably win, but it will be close. A lot of her voters are going to vote for him whether or not they are inspired, but he holds the key for her.

Last, we, and by that I mean all local Dems, need to come together and replace Keith Norman. I realize what happened in Binghampton affected his attendence, but he needs to be more involved then he has to this point in his chairmanship. Even Jackson called him out for a leadership style that is at best poor. We have a changing election upcoming, and we deserve a local leader that is going to be out front in the community and at the state, inspiring voters. Tennessee is in play in this election. We need a leader that is going to fight to get us a Hillary or Obama headquarters and a good deal of money. A leader that will tell Jr. to go away because he campaigns for REPUBLICANS to win.

Okay, not short, but not too long. Thoughts?