Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hey you! Yeah, you, You live in House 93 or Senate 30?

Then listen up, as Senator Beverly Marrero (D-30) and Rep. Mike Kernell (D-93) are having a petition-signing party this Saturday at Garibaldi's, 3530 Walker Avenue (near the U of M)from Noon to 2 PM. Come by, say hi, and if you like (AND live in their district, that's a must), sign their petitions for re-election.

It should be fun, so come on out and meet with our legislators this Saturday. No, the Tigers play Friday night (and hopefully, Sunday afternoon!), so you won't miss it (they have big screeen TVs in any event.

As always, for more information, contact Jody Hurt at 901-283-5528 or Memphisjody40 at


Sharon Cobb said...

Hey there,
I just published this on Mike's website with a link to your website.

I hope it helps!

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

I know this is OT, but Black Agenda Report has done an article back in January, supporting Steve Cohen's re-election.

We'll probably do another piece before the primary, under CBCMonitor Report. I'm keeping my eye on this, because Memphis doesn't need a female version of Harold Ford sitting in that seat.