Saturday, March 15, 2008

Why TV news is Dying: WKRN SCREWS UP BÅDLY

WKRN-TV in Nashville has made a grievous error by shutting down Volunteer Voters and relieving its tireless aggregator, AC Kleinheider, due to budget cuts.  Stupid fucks.

if you are a regular reader, you know perfectly well that VV was THE way to follow Tennessee politics, and what's more, it was one of the perfect expressions of news-gathering for the 21st Century.  Yet, like so many moronic decisions made by Corporate America, it was undoubtedly made by someone disconnected from day-to-day operations.

Though AC and I often disagreed, I have always enjoyed his writing and his perspective, and i wish there were a way to keep VV going, with or without WKRN's funding.

His work is unparalleled, and it needs to find an outlet.

This stinks.


autoegocrat said...

ACK is going to walk away from this looking pretty good. He's a proven commodity, and his reputation is sterling.

In other words, it's their loss, not his.

Tom Guleff said...


His headline writing was unmatched, the guy's got talent. Adam, Well done !!!

Mr Turnbow said...

I completely agree LWC. But he's better off in the long run though. WKRN is to WSMV & WTVF what CBS's Morning Show is to GMA & The Today Show..