Thursday, March 06, 2008

I'm not really worried about this...

Look, folks, if it goes to Denver, it goes to Denver.  I support Barack Obama, as I think he would be far tougher to beat than Hillary Clinton.

If she wins the nomination in a fair process (FL and MI have to do re-votes), then she does and I support her, albeit not with as much passion as I would Obama.  The truth is that my Silky would be a better President than John Sydney McCain, so I am not as frenzied as the supporters of either candidate.  Hillary is not the AntiChrist, and neither is Barack, so everybody needs to chill the fuck out, OK?

Look, I understand why my friends who are elected officials got behind Hillary; they knew her and had relationships with both of them from the White House days and before and felt comfortable with them, while they had no idea who this guy Obama really was.  (Hell, I didn't either for a while).  That's cool that they support them; elected officials are not-so-trusting lot, in case you didn't notice, and they're not going to go out on a limb for someone they don't know.

Of course, this timidity in the face of a Republican hegemony is not very comforting if you're a concerned progressive voter, and this to me is why Obama has touched so many people.  He does represent hope for the future; after 8 years of a treasonous, unlawful administration, Americans ARE CRAVING HOPE.

Even if the Clinton years WERE better (and they were, economically), people realize that we're not in a position to return to that, and we may not be for a while.  We're going to need someone who can LEAD, not incrementalize, and that person is Barack Obama.

She's a manager, not a leader; if I have to settle for that, I will, but I would rather not do that and risk a Bush third term via McCain.

Flame away!


polar donkey said...

Apparently, she can't manage either. Have you seen her campaign and the behavior of the staff?

I didn't like Obama and I still don't really (He's a sissy), but goddamn, if Hillary's White House is as dysfunctional as her campaign she'll be a failed president. At least Obama is organized and will build the party at the grass-roots level. A month ago I was leaning Hillary and now I'm leaning Obama.

Sister Woman said...

I agree. I originally supported Hillary (after flirting with Edwards, then Biden), as "the devil that I knew." Nothing against Obama, just too much unknown. Now I think I know both of them better, and I have come to the conclusion that neither one of them is "the complete candidate". Hillary has not done a good job of running her campaign (or running the people who run her campaign). To me that's a failure of executive ability, as opposed to administrative ability. I think she has been unable to make the tough decisions to cut some folks loose. Plus she lacks charisma. On the other hand, I think Obama is very much in danger of becoming another Jimmy Carter. He has to be able to deliver in terms of getting things done in Washington, and I'm not sure he has proven ability in that area. You can see where I am leading: Obama for Pres, Hillary for VP. Personally, I think they need each other to put a Democrat in the White House next January, and the sooner they realize it the better off we as a party will be. Each one of them is strong in areas the other is weak in. If you listen to what Dems across the country are really saying with their split down the center voting it's that we want them both. I, too, am sick of the sniping. We're all Dems after all, and we're all going to have to pull together to win this thing, so we need to cool the rhetoric down. Both on the campaign trail and on the blogs.

Blinders Off said...

There is no need to flame your post. Obama is the better choice for the Democrats, if I go into why my comment would turn into a post. PD, I am not going to call him the name you did…I rather say he is being weak against Hillary attacks. He needs to start swinging back, but if he swings too hard then we have another situation. Ignorance of many people in our society will accuse him of being the black boogey man.

No matter how this turn out and whoever eventually become our next POTUS, America is not the country it represents to be and the average citizens will continue to suffer for years to come. It is difficult to hold on to HOPE that America be what it is meant to represent.

Blinders Off said...

I forgot to add...loyalty to the Democrat party has been in question for years.

The Clintons are holding this party hostage all because they feel entitlement. It is going to be interesting to see what happens in the weeks to come and in Denver.

Newscoma said...

I'm not flaming either. You and I agree 100 percent here.

Don Sandberg said...

We need to save the fire for the Republicans. Clinton and Obama should be running against McCain/Bush and not destroying each other. Clinton proved yet again that scaring people works (a la Rove), and manipulated the media to her advantage. Do you really think that Obama supporters can forgive and forget?