Tuesday, March 18, 2008

UPDATE on Mike Williams

I received a call tonight from my Godfather and my Senator, who advised me that Mike Williams had taken to the Senate floor tonight after hearing about the report that he was not running for re-election, which I linked to on Monday.  

Senator Williams advised that he had repeatedly told the reporter that he had yet to decide what he wanted to do about re-election, because he himself had not decided.  He was agitated, and frankly, I think the Goopers are going to piss him off enough so that he runs.  If Mike Williams runs, he wins, because even though he left the Republicans last year, they had really moved away from him.

My deepest thanks to my Godfather and my Senator, both of whom we will re-elect to their seats this fall!

Oh, and did I mention Jake Ford filed today in the Democratic Primary for the 9th District?  Good for him; he needed to re-establish his Democratic credentials.


autoegocrat said...

Oh jeez, not this again.

Jake, I know you read the blogs, so I'll tell you the same thing I told Nikki.

Run for a seat on the Council or in the General Assembly and you'll probably win. But neither one of you can pull together a winning coalition in the 9th CD, and all you're doing in the end is ripping up the party for entirely self-serving reasons. Nobody likes people who do that, Jake.

This seat is not a family legacy. If you or Nikki want it so damn badly, you need to put in the work to earn it, just like everyone else around here. You are not a precious and unique snowflake.

Mr Turnbow said...

I have to agree. Also I dont expect Cohen to hang around for a longtime in the House. He'll probably run for Guv or against Corker in '12. They should just cool their heels and give it a rest.

autoegocrat said...

If Steve Cohen can win statewide, then I'm running for president.

He's pretty much already reached the top of the hill for a Tennessee liberal. At this point, his highest ambition would have to be a committee chair or a leadership position.

Unfortunately for him, House bills get chewed to pieces by the time the Senate is done with them, so you're not likely to see any bills named after Steve Cohen, or any other Representative for that matter.