Thursday, March 20, 2008

WOW. What a day.

I was about to do a post in tribute to John Wilder, as, outside Shelby County, this, along with Belmont's near-upset of Duke, is the big story in the state today, as it should be.

However, I got an email from Bob of 55-4o fame asking me if I'd heard anything about a resignation; I replied that all I'd heard was about Wilder not running for re-election.  Then, five minutes later, VIBINC called me to drop the bombshell that HIZZONER was stepping down.

OK, it's usually over at Pesky's blog that Mr. Conspiracy shows up.  However, I'm borrowing the franchise for a moment, as VIBINC and I talked briefly about how odd it was that A) David Kustoff was bailing early as US Attorney, then B) Herenton decides to exit, either C) to return as MCS Superintendent or D) inexplicably, challenge our Congressman for the 9th District seat.

As much as he has talked about the downward plummet of MCS since he left there, I think that's what he really wants to do.  Unless, of course, he's developing senility and thinks Senior is still the Congressman, which I seriously doubt.  His skillsets are NOT suited for being a legislator, but they are for administrating, which he could do up a storm, when he chooses to do so.

Of course, no one knows what that pesky Grand Jury is going to do with that ongoing investigation of city and county government, either.  This could all be a blowing of smoke in the event an indictment of the soon-to-be ex-mayor comes down, at which point he could pronounce that those HATERS will do whatever it takes to stop him.

Well, maybe not.  I was having a discussion with one of the ladies who works on my floor about this.  She, like me, is an Obama supporter.  She, UNlike me, has supported the Mayor all along, but her conclusion: "He needs to take his old ass home and count his money".

All righty then.  It's going to get more curious every day, and all we can do is grab some popcorn, sit back and watch.

UPDATE: Jackson Baker weighs in with an excellent take on the future, and I hope he's right as usual.


Sharon Cobb said...

Let's not leave out Ophelia is returning to work on Monday.

Midnight in Memphis of Good and Evil.

Someone has to write that book!

Blinders Off said...

I said it over a year ago someone should write a book about Memphis Politics.

It will be a bestseller!

Will Beaty said...

With the mayor's comments yesterday, I have had the following song stuck in my head:

Someone should do a Memphis themed cover!