Saturday, May 10, 2008

We're picking up a Congressional district on May 13!

I moved this to the top, since the election is Tuesday, May 13!

UPDATE 5/9: Our friend Mr. Turnbow reports that GOP officials are learning of internal polls from the Greg Davis campaign that shows him losing 5-10 points to Travis Childers IN THE LAST WEEK!

Please help Travis, this is an UNBELIEVABLE pick up opportunity, this is an R+10 DISTRICT!!!

The wonderful Matt Stoller at OpenLeft notes that MS-01, the CD immediately to our south, is an R+10 District. However, that didn't stop the voters of North Mississippi from voting by 49% for Democrat Travis Childers, who leads going into the May 13 runoff with Republican (and Southaven Mayor) Greg Davis.

Here are the results from MS-01:

MS-01 (Wicker-Open) Precincts Reporting - 99% 462 of 462

Greg Davis (R) - 46%
Votes: 31,066

Travis Childers (D) - 49%
Votes: 33,138

Non-Active Candidates:
Steve Holland (D) - 1%
Glenn McCullough (R) - 1%

When you figure in the votes of the non-active candidates, you come to the conclusion that in this R+10 District, Democrats received over 50% of the vote, which does not bode well for Davis, who did not fare well outside his DeSoto County base. to win back this district would be SWEET, knowing that all those people who ran crying to DeSoto County because they hated those evil liberals and well, you know, are going to be represented in Congress by a DEMOCRAT.

I love it, and want more.

Pennsylvania? Who cares? For a 10-point victory, she only won THREE more delegates at last count. You need only look below to see what it would take for her to win the nomination. Her campaign is deader than a week-old-fish, and smells about the same at this point.

Let's celebrate REAL victory tonight, and remember to help out Childers if you have time, he's already running runoff ads on the 10 PM local news here. Heh.

Oh, and one last thing; here's Matt's closing comment:

No one likes Republicans, even in R+10 districts.
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Len said...

Oh crap.

I am already so damn sick and tired of seeing Greg Davis on my TV I can just about scream. If I didn't know it was a felony I'd bomb him just to get this over with quicker.

dwayne said...

Whatever happens to Childers, I think he is a good example of what a quality candidate can do. I know he is to the right of most who read this but he seems to be a highly successful man who understands national issues well but can still connect with average voters in his district.

LeftWingCracker said...


I can live with a Blue Dog in a R+10 District!