Saturday, May 17, 2008

Well, It's Saturday now, and I have to make a full confession

The lovely Lauren and I have prided ourselves for several years on the fact that each of us has avoided reality shows like the plague, especially American Idol. REALLY especially American Idol. We were downright snobbish about it, even when we caught ourselves watching Celebrity Fit Club from time to time.

And then, it happened. It snuck up on us and punched each of us right in the schnoz, and we couldn't help ourselves. Of what do I speak, you ask? Let me tell the story....

So, it's a few weeks ago and we're hanging out with my cousin back in the Rock River Valley, and he flips on CMT, which has this new show, Can You Duet? As judges, they have Brett Manning (no, he's no relation to THOSE Mannings), Aimee Mayo (no, I had never heard of her, either) and Naomi Judd, who has been the revelation, the anti-Paula Abdul, if you will.

Watching three episodes in one night hooked both of us worse than meth-heads, to the point where we were on the phone at 12:30 this morning discussing the current episode AS IT WAS GOING ON. Rehab must be ahead for both of us, I fear.

Hundreds of duos started out; after most were weeded out, some of the duos were separated and remixed with others, which often failed as badly as the original pairings. Yet, some worked and we are now down to seven duos.

The other revelation is watching Mayo, who is apparently a songwriter of note, and Manning, who is a vocal coach, work with each duo in workshops. While their hearts are in the right place in preparing them for the country music industry, it has driven home why I LOATHE the current state of country music, which is the last radio-driven format.

Man, does it show, too; with the exception of Rory & Joey, an impossibly sweet yet deeply genuine married couple, and Caitlin & Will, who were thrown together after each had lost their partners TWICE in the competition, they are polishing these acts to the point where there's no REAL left in them.

Yet, neither of us can let go, and we will be there for the next five weeks of eliminations, hanging on to every minute. I have to say, someone needs to let Naomi Judd program country radio; I'd be a hell of a lot more likely to listen to it than I do now.

Stay tuned!

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