Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Clinton Campaign is now being dismantled from within.

The carcass of the Clinton campaign is being picked over, as her OWN people are leaking to the media that she's done; here's Jeff Greenfield at CBS News, H/t again to AmericaBlog:

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leftwingcarolinablue said...

She won't leave until after winning Kentucky and West Virginia at the earliest. If she is a gracious loser--no sure bet--she'll hold a press conference, endorse Obama and work like the dickens to get her voters to support and work for him. If, on the other hand, Hillary is only thinking about herself--(unspoken, unwritten comment here)--she'll fight at the Rules Committee, slam Obama all summer, demand the Vice-Presidency and, when she doesn't get it, sit on her Senate seat throughout the fall and make herself--I'm shocked, shocked!!--available for 2012 once Obama loses.
We'll see if Hillary can let go of her sense of "destiny" long enough to make sure the country doesn't get handed from an incompetent, arrogant moron to a vacuous, morality is for sale fool. Right now, my sense of Hillary's being gracious and putting the country over herself? See above parenthetical expression--I don't see this as the beginning of any type of beautiful friendship.